Hi, I'm Daniel, a user-centered data-driven Product Manager with a track record of growing audience and revenue while increasing end user engagement and retention.

Whether I'm part of a business that's building a platform (Weedmaps) or operating within them (The Hollywood Reporter and Billboard), I'm always looking out for the opportunities to be seized in the double and triple-sided markets of today's platform economy.

Most recently, I led an onboarding overhaul which included Weedmaps' first foray into federated authentication via Facebook and Google.


I love building products and growing businesses. In the last five years I've earned the opportunity to own thirteen major product launches:

  • Omnichannel notification service (Weedmaps; shipping Q3 2018; new)
  • User profile (Weedmaps; shipping Q2 2018; redesign)
  • Account settings (Weedmaps; shipping Q2 2018; redesign)
  • User onboarding (Weedmaps; new)
  • Federated authentication (Weedmaps; new)
  • Header and footer (Weedmaps; redesign)
  • Apple News integration (The Hollywood Reporter & Billboard; new)
  • Artist pages (Billboard; redesign)
  • Aggregate pages (The Hollywood Reporter; redesign)
  • Hot 100 chart (Billboard; redesign)
  • List pages (The Hollywood Reporter; redesign)
  • Facebook Instant Articles integration (The Hollywood Reporter & Billboard; new)
  • OVP transition to HTML5 (The Hollywood Reporter & Billboard)
  • Mobile gallery pages (The Hollywood Reporter; redesign) 
Aggregate Page Redesign v2 - Q2 '16 (Drupal/API)

Aggregate Page Redesign v2 - Q2 '16 (Drupal/API)


I've managed nine vendor relationships, managing the internal recommendation, technical integration, launch execution, maintenance, and most recently, contract negotiations:

  • Omnichannel service provider for Weedmaps; negotiated contract (Transition to Iterable from Clevertap)
  • ESP for Weedmaps (Transition to Sendgrid from Mailgun)
  • OVP for The Hollywood Reporter and Billboard (via Brightcove)
  • Interactive maps for The Hollywood Reporter and Billboard (via Mapme)
  • Live Blogs for The Hollywood Reporter and Billboard (Transition to Tintup from Scribblelive)
  • Quizzes and polls for The Hollywood Reporter and Billboard (via Qzzr)
  • Surveys for The Hollywood Reporter and Billboard (Transition to Typeform from Surverymonkey)
  • Brackets for The Hollywood Reporter and Billboard (via Brackify)

Product management can mean a lot of things. This is what it means to me:

To deeply understand the human condition. To know the problem we're trying to solve. The story we're trying to tell. 

To remove pain from people's lives. To design for humans. To be empathic. To research. To write. To protect and to seduce. To*


My experience ranges from orchestrating the development and execution of omnichannel marketing and notification infrastructure to power an entire platform's outbound messaging at scale (e.g. Weedmaps & Iterable) to developing and integrating a leading publisher's complete catalogue of product into an emerging, and soon-to-be dominant platform in media (e.g. The Hollywood Reporter and Billboard & Apple News).


I make it a point to embed myself into the design process. An interface tells a story; albeit a story where transactions take place, and design must delicately balance both user and business needs.

To that end, I will spend hours diving into analytics dashboards hunting for patterns and aberrations that will help expose our customers’ needs. On the other hand, I am seasoned enough to know that data doesn’t always paint the full picture-- deep empathic thinking is vital to understand the jobs to be done.


Let's take an iterative, thoughtful, data-driven approach to product management that puts user's behavior and desires at the forefront.