Hi, I'm Daniel, a Product Manager and UX Designer based in Los Angeles, California.

I work for Prometheus Global Media, managing emerging technology strategy and product execution for Billboard, The Hollywood Reporter, SPIN, VIBE, Stereogum, Pret-a-Reporter, and Death and Taxes.

 Aggregate Page Redesign v2 - Q2 '16 (Drupal/API)

Aggregate Page Redesign v2 - Q2 '16 (Drupal/API)


I love making things.

In the last 3 years I've owned and shipped 5 major redesigns, 15 microsites, 100's of new features, enhancements and bug fixes over the course of 100+ releases


Product management can mean a lot of things. This is what it means to me:

To deeply understand the human condition. To know the problem we're trying to solve. The story we're trying to tell...


...To remove pain from people's lives. To design for humans. To be empathic. To research. To write. To protect and to seduce. To*


 When I started at PGM we were hovering at 4M uniques per month. When I began managing product we hit 15M. A year later we rose to 20M. With the acquisition of Spin Media Group acquisition, we're burgeoning to 45MM monthly unique audience.


I make it a point to embed myself into the design process. An interface tells a story; albeit a story where transactions take place, and design must delicately balance both user and business needs.

To that end, I will spend hours diving into analytics dashboards hunting for patterns and aberrations that will help expose our customers’ needs. On the other hand, I am seasoned enough to know that data doesn’t always paint the full picture-- deep empathic thinking is vital to understand the jobs to be done.


Let's take an iterative, thoughtful, data-driven approach to product management that puts user's behavior and desires at the forefront.